To complete your team registration:

1. Submit your team registration online below

Complete all information requested for Angler 1 and Angler 2.

or Download the registration form

If you don’t want to register online, download the pdf of the registration form in the Event Forms section on this page and complete all information for Angler 1 and Angler 2. Send your completed pdf via email to: [email protected]; or via U.S. mail to the Toyota Bonus Bucks Program Office to the address noted below.

2. Submit your documents

Additional Required Forms for Team Registration:

In addition to completing the tournament registration form, you must also submit via email or U.S. mail the following items to complete your team registration:

  • Event Waiver Forms: Signed event waiver forms for both you and teammate.
    There are (3) forms- 1) BASS Event Waiver; 2) Owners Event Release Form; 3) Publicity Waiver Form.
    (If a minor, parent / legal guardian must sign waivers on their behalf)
  • W-9 Forms: Completed W-9 forms for you / your teammate. If your teammate is a minor, then the W-9 from the Parent or Legal Guardian will suffice.
  • Toyota Bonus Bucks Participant’s current truck registration or title: A copy of the Toyota Bonus Bucks Participant’s current truck registration or title.

In order for your team registration to be considered completed- we must receive your team’s registration form, and the additional required forms (Waivers, W-9 and truck registration) by 10/18/24. You will receive a registration confirmation email from the Toyota Bonus Bucks Program office once your items have been received and approved.

Questions? Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Toyota Bonus Bucks Program
7120 E. 13th Street
Tulsa, OK 74112